There was once a beautiful sunset in the time of the dinosaurs, the sunset was cleansing the sky with vibrant orange waves. Almost every creature was asleep, except for a beastly crocodile within the monstrously huge valley. It lurks around hunting for vulnerable prey since it was depleted of energy and strength. So it helplessly wandered on for several hours. Eventually the reptile found a wide cave to settle down in. It was morning, the crocodile was so hungry it had skinny lines and bags over its stomach. There was a crack in the cave, then unfortunately and sadly collapsed.


One day there was a crocodile that ate Darf Vador and a orange for lunch within a wide collapsed underwater cave . Then there was a big bang that shook the cave and made the collapse and killed all the crocodiles, but the one who ate Darf Vador. The crocodile went to find what caused the cave to collapse. The crocodile had to climb though a lot of wreckage to get to the top, but when he did he found that there was a bomb that exploded and made the cave explode. Then the crocodile went back to his collapsed home.

The lonely Crocodile by Alexis Leonard

One day in the swamp there was a crocodile named Fred and he was eating an orange and was very sad. He wanted to have some friends, but all of the animals were scared because he was a crocodile and the next day he went to the old bridge to explore the rest of the swamp to find a friend to play with, but the bridge collapsed within the wide and dangerous river, he waited and waited and WAITED then he started to scream for help, Jack the snake heard and helped Fred up and they hade fun. THE END

“Greetings. I am in danger”- Jude+Marco

Greetings humans of Earth! My name is Peaky. I am the first Artificial Intelligence built by the British government. I have been to many planets, and I have many stories to tell. But I’m in mortal danger. Aliens have implanted a bomb inside me, and it will explode once I say my 101st word. There is no way I will survive this, but you can save me. I need you to contact the British government and tell them of my peril. Then they will get their robotics crew to surgically remove the bomb from me. I can say no more.

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