One day Spencer and I went to a swamp to see some crocodiles. When we got to the swamp all the crocodiles where surrounding a bunch of orange peels. And within the swamp there are 20 baby crocodiles and 40 adults. The crocodiles suddenly collapsed on the ground and stopped breathing. Spencer and I went to check why they went down like that. We opened their mouth to see if they choked on something. As we opened their wide mouth Spencer saw a bunch of oranges stuck in there throat. I reached down to get the oranges out and we saved them.


One day a crocodile named Spencika_Jones Mac that bottle flipped in the class and collapsed while eating a honey bun and siting beside Jackie. Then a kid named Damien was drinking an orange juice so at first recces they went to play soccer outside because the snow was all melted and they always had a wide kick then the F.C Barcelona soccer coach came to tell them not to kick so wide. So he taught them to kick top bins and within the time they had the coach had to leave and coach a soccer game and they went home.


On November 25 2016 there was a incident with a crocodile and a kid named Spencer he went for a midnight swim and an orange crocodile attacked him, but luckily there was a wide tree that collapsed within arm reach so Spencer grabbed on to the tree and pulled himself up. the crocodile couldn’t get him but then the crocodile kept trying to get him, so Spencer kicked it in the face and then the crocodile left but on the collapsed tree there was no space for him to go so he had to jump in the water and swim away quickly.


I woke up in a in a strange place, with strange scenery. It looked like something out of a story book, full of trees and long grass. I got up to go and explore, it looks like I’m deep within some type of forest. I started walking around when I heard a weird noise, it sounded like some kind of growl. So I poked my head out from a bush from where the noise sounded like it was coming from and then I saw it. A bright orange crocodile as wide as car. I collapsed, then I woke up again.


I woke up from a crazy dream. It was about this crocodile named Dr. Crocks, that had an orange hat and mittens on. So one day, this went out side for a walk. Within a couple of minutes, he slipped and collapsed and made this huge wide hole in the middle of the side walk! He stood up in the hole and saw a big pile of banana peels and that’s how he slipped and collapsed. And then I woke up. But then I saw Dr.Crocks out side my window in a wide hole with a pile of banana peels.