This weekend I went to the bird auction. Has I went inside I heard birds chirping, to my amazement there were over 1500 birds and game (peacock , pheasant , wild turkey and rabbits). As I look into the boxes I heard a familiar voice. I look to my right and I saw my friend Marc-Andre . We were very happy to see each other. Has we walk down the rows of boxes I heard a loud song that surprised both of us . It was the smallest chicken that I had ever seen. But how can something so tiny make such a loud sound.


  • Just yesterday I was walking to town when I saw this person taking pictures with his camera of these  beautiful brown trees, so I kept walking and once I turned around he was randomly gone and we where like in the open and there was no roads to go to so I got worried. and started to look around and I kept look and looking and then I found this face in a tree so I thought it was him and the cops where called and they investigated and they say the tree was haunted with a lot of people.

The beautiful rock -mina

I was walking down the street and I saw something brown and beautiful, I get closer and close and see a hard rock I take it and start walking home. I start getting worried because I was to obsess at looking at the rock that I lost my way home. I open my phone and get my camera application and keep walking and taken pictures. I look up and realize I’m on my street I run fast home and put the rock in my rock collection, this was one of the best day I ever had I smile and sing.


In a small town named “The beautiful brown town”. In the town they have a camera store. One day the lights weren’t on in the store and people worried that the store shut down. It would be hard for the town if the store was closed. Nobody knows a lot about the town, it is very mysterious and creepy. The only reason the town gets visitors is because of the amazing store. Everybody ran to the store and saw a little light on then all the lights went back on. All of the people in the town all danced around.

March 27 – Jude

In the beautiful town of Vankleek Hill, there were 3 guys where all in the same class. Those boys, named Jude, Spencer & Jack, did all sorts of dumb stuff. Their parents seemed very worried about their mental state, but that didn’t bother them. “I’m going to kill you! Avadri Kadavri!” yelled Spencer. “How hard is it Spencer? It’s Avada Kadavra, not Avadri Kadavri.” Jude reminded. “Oh man, if only I had my camera, this is a great moment.” said Jack. “That’s not a camera. That’s just a little brown box . “Get back to work!” said the teacher. “Oh fine.” said all 3.