March 27 – Spencer

In a town called Beautiful Brown Town. It was called that because of the beautiful brown trees in the fall. There was a man named Jude. He was worried because the trees were not turning brown. “NOOOOO!” screamed Jude every day. Jude was a tree lover. His friends were trees. Jude always took his camera and took a picture of the trees when they were brown. “It is just hard to predict when the trees will turn.” says Jude to every person walking. Jude always keeps his hopes up because he loves trees. Jude never gives up. He absolutely loves trees.

3 thoughts on “March 27 – Spencer”

  1. Wow, I know that a character from a movie is just like Jude. I saw a lot of short sentences, so if you could make them longer it would seem less choppy. I really think your story was amazing. Can you make a part two, because it would make the story more interesting?

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