March 27 – Jude

In the beautiful town of Vankleek Hill, there were 3 guys where all in the same class. Those boys, named Jude, Spencer & Jack, did all sorts of dumb stuff. Their parents seemed very worried about their mental state, but that didn’t bother them. “I’m going to kill you! Avadri Kadavri!” yelled Spencer. “How hard is it Spencer? It’s Avada Kadavra, not Avadri Kadavri.” Jude reminded. “Oh man, if only I had my camera, this is a great moment.” said Jack. “That’s not a camera. That’s just a little brown box . “Get back to work!” said the teacher. “Oh fine.” said all 3.

2 thoughts on “March 27 – Jude”

  1. Good post Jude I like the words you used.
    How would you make it better
    Visit us at ms O Keeffes class.

    Jamie and Katie.

  2. Great job. I love that you put a lot of dialog into your story. Also, I read Harry Potter so I know about the book. Do you like to use your friends in your story? I was interested and I would like to read more. Great job!

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