There’s a boy who wanders through abandoned streets at night. He carries a beautiful brown tulip around, and wears tarnished overalls soaked in black paint. The neighbourhood calls him evil boy and advises that you stay away from him. This is a short description of this strange person. His parents died in a house fire years ago. Evil boy sometimes walks around with a camera and takes pictures of paint, nothing else. He has no friends, but plenty of people that are worried about him. He has no home and stomps quite hard at night, not caring who he awakes.

2 thoughts on “Jaelynn”

  1. Hi Jaelynn!

    Our names are Thomas and Orla. Great description of the mysterious man. It’s great how you said ‘He had no friends, but people who worried about him’! We think that it is so good it should get showcased!!!
    Please visit our blog!: https://kidblog.org/class/msokeeffesclass/posts
    Great writing!
    Keep up the work!

    Orla and Thomas
    Ms. O’Keeffe’s Class

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