Slime time-Natasha

Today was an awesome day. I was making my first slime the slime dripped through my hands. My mom said it was so cool and my dad said it was slimy. I took it to school but the bus driver gave me a bus report because he thought it was food. On the way home my mom picked me up because I was not aloud on the bus. Now I am making more. This one is more slimier than the first one gross its to slimy for me. I gave it to my brother he liked the slime. The End


There’s a boy who wanders through abandoned streets at night. He carries a beautiful brown tulip around, and wears tarnished overalls soaked in black paint. The neighbourhood calls him evil boy and advises that you stay away from him. This is a short description of this strange person. His parents died in a house fire years ago. Evil boy sometimes walks around with a camera and takes pictures of paint, nothing else. He has no friends, but plenty of people that are worried about him. He has no home and stomps quite hard at night, not caring who he awakes.


One day, I was out for a walk when I come across a camera shop. I walked in and saw this beautiful, brown, camera. I looked at the price and it was $250.00, but I really wanted it. So I went home and begged my parents for the money. I was worried that they weren’t going to give me the money. After a couple of minutes of my parents discussing whether I should get the camera or not, they said they’ll pay half if I get a job. I got a job and worked very hard and finally got the camera.

The photographer-Alyson

Once there was a girl, she had beautiful brown hair and light blue eyes like the ocean. She loves taking pictures with her camera. That was one of her hobbies. She just loved it but one time she was having a struggle taking a picture. It was getting hard for her and she was getting worried that she wasn’t going to take the picture she wanted. This wasn’t any “normal” picture, this was a picture of her childhood. Something was holding her back from taking it. She didn’t understand, no one did. She just stood there but then she realized… 

March 27 – Spencer

In a town called Beautiful Brown Town. It was called that because of the beautiful brown trees in the fall. There was a man named Jude. He was worried because the trees were not turning brown. “NOOOOO!” screamed Jude every day. Jude was a tree lover. His friends were trees. Jude always took his camera and took a picture of the trees when they were brown. “It is just hard to predict when the trees will turn.” says Jude to every person walking. Jude always keeps his hopes up because he loves trees. Jude never gives up. He absolutely loves trees.